How to achieve Canada PR?

How to achieve Canada PR?

Ajit | 15 Oct 2020

Has Canada Immigration stopped during the coronavirus lockdown? The fact is that Canada Immigration never stopped, right through the Coronavirus lockdown, the Canada Immigration Consultants body IRCC has been working (at reduced speed and efficiency though). Then what has been the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on your application or on your future immigration prospects?

One Can achieve Canada PR through one of the following Pathways:

  1. Permanent Residency through Express Entry,
  2. Provincial Nomination Programs Immigration (PNP Immigration),
  3. Entrepreneur Stream Immigration (Business Immigration),
  4. Investment Based Immigration,
  5. Startup Visa,
  6. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  7. Self Employed Immigration
  8. Family Sponsorship Immigration
  9. Agri-food Immigration Pilot
  10. Quebec Selected Skilled Workers Immigration
  11. Student Immigration;
  12. CareGivers Immigration.
  13. Work Permit Route
  14. Parents Visa for School Student

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