Motivational Factors

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Motivational Factors

Everybody needs to be motivated. Motivation provides the requisite energy to attain success. Motivational factors are found in various forms. You can learn and get motivated from the success and failure of others. You can learn secrets of success from successful people. 
Motivation is a factor which helps you to strike big targets and motivate others to follow you. But you first have to find out which factors motivate others. 
People's motivational factors vary according to their needs. Some gets motivated by money while others get motivated by food, expensive gifts and so on. Do you know what is the biggest motivational factor ? Answer is Success. Successful persons often get motivated by their internal energy to achieve success.
Jay Endel and Vose started a company named Amway International in 1959 in the city of Washington. For their first sales meeting they booked a hall for two hundred people. When the conducted the meeting there were only two people in the hall. This did not demoralise them and took it as motivation to do more. Rest is the history.
 Everybody feels the need for motivation in life. Everyone feels the urge to get motivated. Sometimes unfavorable conditions also motivate people. 
Now I will give you example of The Beatles, a great name in the world of music. In 1962, a band of four musicians gave their first audition at Decca Recordings. The managers of the company were not impressed by their music. They were rejected. But their motivation created by their self confidence helped them to reach the top. 
Megastar Amitabh Bachchan faced rejection from All India Radio. Panel of All India Radio found his voice too harsh and hoarse. But his motivational factors made him a person whose voice is termed as baritone and fascinating. 
Put your negative thoughts aside and you will find yourself motivated. Try to learn good habits. Spend most of your time with whom you feel comfortable and happy. Always aim for something different. Develop the habit of remaining happy and keep yourself motivated at all times. At the same time also remember to motivate others. 
Keep in mind that success is like a long journey. It requires energy and motivating spirit to reach the destination. You can get motivated by your smaller achievements. Standing first in the unit test can also drive you to the top position in final exams. Remain focused and motivated to do big. 
Always keep your morale high. If your morale is low, it will definitely affect your capabilities and skill. Motivation is like a battery, if you don't charge the battery, it will stop functioning. 
My father used to tell me a story of a villager who had two sons. The younger son was well educated and occupied a high post while the other was uneducated. When somebody asked the older son why he had not studied , he said that nobody in his family was educated and so he did not opt to get educated. When asked the same question , the younger son replied that he wanted to get educated because nobody in his family was educated. It shows that there is negative as well as positive motivation inside us. 
Self motivation is also one of the motivational factors. Unless you are self motivated , you will not be able to draw good results. There was a boy who was very pessimistic in his thoughts. One day his father asked him to leave for the airport by car. The boy felt his car might break down or he might met with an accident bon the way to the airport. So he left for the airport by bus. Unfoy that  bus broke down and he missed the flight. 
If you have two friends , one very optimistic and positive while the other pessimistic and negative. You will obviously feel like spending most of your time with the former because you will remain happy and feel motivated with him. 
Yes I can fly ! 
Yes I can soar high !!




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