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What is going to happen to the humanity that we are so worried about its survival? Are there real existential risks for mankind ? We can't do much while facing some natural calamity, threatening the very existence of life on this planet. But we must worry for the anthropogenic factors gaining the potential to cause extinction of humanity. Though technological progress is accelrating , yet the humankind is approaching a critical phase and is at global catastrophic risks, which could cripple the humankind. The future of our existence would be determined by how we deal with the challenges. The fact is that we have not given the requisite attention to the possible anthropogenic extinction and are staring at many possible threats, such as nuclear holocaust, biological warfare or panademics. 
We must realize that the threats, such as overpopulation , corruption and irrationality, are much bigger than they appear ; so much so that these could cause extinction of the intelligent life on Earth. One of such threats i.e. the population has gained such an alarming growth in the last two centuries that it has reached the crash point.

Corruption is rampant across the world. No country is deemed totally free of this evil. Corruption affects our fundamental rights, especially in third world countries, where the common man fears to go to police station. The irony is that this menace has not just remained intact during the last half century, but has taken a diabolic shape to the extent that common man has stopped hoping for any reprieve. There is no silver bullet for fighting corruption except our will to tackle it wisely.

Our system needs drastic changes in order to establish a society which can be said as worth living and the survival of large vertebrate animal known as human being. 

Lalit Berry




Ludhiana | Punjab