Harmonies between two persons

Harmonies between two persons

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Harmonies between two persons

Maintaining a loving relationship, free from agony, conflict, angst, anger, frustration, feeling choked, free from undue expectations, is not easy. But that is what all of us actually want. No one goes into a relationship, of any kind, wanting unrest or unhappiness or confrontation. Then why does it happen?

Each of us is different, coming from different socio-economic and domestic backgrounds, with different set of parents, different childhoods, and different set of beliefs and perceptions. No two people are alike. And each of us hold on to our beliefs of what is right and what is wrong, very dearly. The other is also doing the same. And we also create an image of ourselves, and also conjure up an image of the other. The other person also does the same. Very often, it is our image that is interacting with them, and their image with us, not the people themselves. Likewise, it is often our belief systems that are interacting, not us. Hence there is so much conflict in relationship.

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