Definition And Importance Of General Knowledge

Definition And Importance Of General Knowledge

India Pro Biz | Promoting Businesses & Professions | 24 Jul 2019

Definition And Importance Of General Knowledge

"If you don't have knowledge of things happening around you or things that have happened, then it means you are mindless." 
Rajnish Loomba

General Knowledge is strongly associated with General Intelligence. Psychologists consider it an important component of Crystallized Intelligence. Without General Knowledge our socialization factor becomes constrained. General Knowledge covers a broad range of facts relating to innumerable subjects. 
There are various areas identified as different domains of General Knowledge such as Arts, Discoveries, Inventions, Films, Fashion, Sports, Politics, Medicine, History etc. We can classify its main branches : 
Current Affairs 
Physical Health 

Importance And Advantages Of General Knowledge: 

  • General Knowledge helps us to grow both on personal as well as academic level.

  • It helps to understand and analyze the situations.

  • It helps us to build up our confidence level.

  • It determines your impression on others. 

  • It makes conversation better.

  • It keeps us updated with the knowledge of every field. 

  • It proves to be of great help during interviews, discussions and quizzes. 

  • It enhances our personal skills.

(The writer is a renowned G.K. Tutor)